George Bernard Shaw wrote, "All great truths start out as blasphemies." Indeed, they are the provocateurs, whose imaginations are not bound by the limits of the body of Knowledge - which amounts to only "one-millionth of one percent of all there is to know," according to Edison - who have guided the human race out of the depth of the Dark Ages and to the mountaintop of Twenty-First Century living that we enjoy today. But, provocateurs never are satisfied - they are compelled to reset their sails for the far horizon, to take the next step. Where we go from the top of this mountain is purely a matter of choice. To start back down implies that the mountaintop is as far as a human being can go, and sets a limit. Is it blasphemous for this provocateur to suggest that the next step must be up and that a human being could fly like a bird? Is it blasphemous to assert that everything is possible for a Supreme Being?

        As the miller's daughter weaved straw into gold, How To Lift Cars Off Your Face And Other Tips For Living Forever spins blasphemy into Truth. It's all about choice - and the choice to open one's mind to a way of life and living without limit(s) will unlock the doors of our self-imposed prisons and enable us, finally, to live - forever!

        This is my first book, and it represents the culmination of a journey begun when my parents first told me that my name, in Greek, means "The Immortal One." Since I never chose to accept the inevitability of Death, always leaving my mind open to the possibility of living forever, the journey continued on a subconscious level and ended thirty years later on a crowded city bus in Denver, Colorado, when a stunning conclusion suddenly was thrust into my open, conscious mind based on three decades worth of neatly-organized study and meditation. And I gasped, "Oh my God, we don't have to die!"

        An aging baby boomer generation and terrorism on America's doorstep has put thoughts of mortality on the front-burner, as it were, and has sparked a passionate interest in both spiritual growth and improving quality of life - not only throughout the United States, but also throughout the world. How To Lift Cars Off Your Face And Other Tips For Living Forever will show the reader the road not yet taken to a New World of life and living without limits.

"When you come to the edge of all the light you’ve known, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly."

- Barbara J. Winter