Tom Cladis will engage, inspire, motivate, entertain, and challenge audiences with a spiritually stimulating and visually provocative presentation that will blow their minds. Tom is all about blowing minds open because, as parachutes, minds must be open in order to function properly. Let him turn your audience's world upside-down as he helps people to unlearn what they've been taught and to free themselves from the prisons that they've locked themselves into. And what lies beyond the prison gates? Well, that will be up to them—they will be free to get better grades, to make more money, to hit the game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, to become more productive, to win an Olympic medal, to wrestle alligators, to lead others, to win an Oscar, to lift cars, to walk on water, to travel through time, to be happy, to maximize the living of Life, to live forever! On the way, they will encounter, among others:

  • Winston Churchill's Seven Words of Wisdon
  • Walking the Plank
  • The Glass and the Floor
  • Einstein's Choice
  • Captain Kirk's Test
  • Santa Claus
  • Edison's 2,000 Steps
  • Michael Jordan's Not-so-secret Secret
  • The Tiger and the Hole
  • Galileo's Gambit

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"To achieve great things, we must live as though we were never going to die."

- Tom Cladis